Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, 2009 ended and we brought 2010 in with a bang. It feels like we've been going non-stop since it started. Lucky for you, one of my resolutions was to keep up with this blog on a more regular basis. (We'll see how long that one lasts!)
Let's much to say, and so little time. The biggest excitement currently: our puppy, Bella. She is 5 months old today! The above picture was taken shortly after we got her. Now, she's
almost 30 pounds!

She's quite spoiled, obviously. Who could resist that sweet face?!?

We hosted our second annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party the weekend before Christmas. Fun, fun, fun.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the front of my sweater. It had a skiier on it. Lovely. Drew wore a hand-knitted poinsettia print women's sweater. He definitely had a winner! While mine was not nearly as "tacky" --- it was just downright UGLY.

We spent the holidays here at home. We had the Nelsons over for Christmas Eve dinner and spent Christmas morning at our house. Then, we went to the Nelsons for Christmas dinner. It was the beginning of great traditions to come! We, once again, spoiled each other and had a wonderful day. Two days after Christmas, we left to go to Maryland. It was another whirl-wind trip, but we enjoyed seeing all of our family and spending time with good friends.

So, here we are at the start of a new year... what does this year have in store for the Suari? Let's see:
3 weddings (so far)
a cross-country road trip (if we can be diligent about saving our money!)
lots of babies born to close friends (that we get to love on and help spoil)
the inaugural lacrosse team at A.L. Brown that Drew will be coaching (go wonders!)
our quarter-century birthdays (yikes!)
our second anniversary...2 years? It feels like it's been 5! in a good way ;)

And, I'm sure there will be much more as the year goes on. We're looking forward to it and can't wait to see what comes our way!

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The Nelson Family said...

Yay for updated blogs, Bella, and the Suari! Wishing you a wonder 2010 - the best is yet to come!!!